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My to-do list for this blog:


One. Friends Day post, early August. Finish compiling pix and epic captions.

Two. Twi-Harry post. Circa July-August.

Three. HPHBP post. Mid-July pre-HBP.

Four. Develop logo!

MATTER OF SUPREME IMPORTANCE! get a move on with Shenanigans.


PS- I was looking at some oold pictures of when we were just going into sixth grade. Seems just like yesterday! We were all so skinny and small, for crying out loud. And then there was a pic from my May08 bowling party in which Emily climbed on my back for a piggyback ride without my consent. Oh, dear christ.

HB- Tamerah, April 15. Nick, April 15. Shannon, April 20. ily.

Peace, Love, and Noodles,


Fred 8 my Buttered Mushrooms

Two things today:

One. You guys heard of Fred, the-stupidly-funny-funnily-stupid webshow protagonized by a six year old played by a fifteen-year-old? Well, it's not so much funny as it is stupid, so...http://www.youtube.com/fred pronto to see Fred cook Judy some buttered mushrooms (with some added commentary about the dead animal in the microwave).

Two. I'm officialy a grade above y'all. Yes, I started March 2nd. All is going well this year, I have a math test Thursday and Spanish test Friday, so wish me luck. I made some friends, and the girl who was meaner than a you-know-which-tracker last year to me is nicer this year so, yeah.

See you.

Peace, love, and the Plain White T's,

HB- MC, March 15th. Paulina, March 15. Ana, March 22nd. Love you guys.

Best. Day. EVER.

May 25th is Nerd/Geek Pride Day, after May 25, 1977, which, if you're Caleb, you should was the day the first Star Wars movie came out. Star Wars and Star Trek are the gods and origin of geekidom and nerdidom.

So that day, I will show my stuff!

I WILL make a YouTube video.

And I want pics of each of you doing something excessively nerdy (I guess what we do everyday counts).

HOORAY for the nerds and geeks!

And HUZZAH to all those nerdfighters! Made of awesome, baby, made of awesome.

My Next Trip to the USA

I know, I know, I know. I just barely got back from visiting you guys, and now we have a tentative date for when I'm going back to the US?

You got me.

First thing about this, and I'm probably going to get yelled at:

I'm not going to Highlands Ranch, nor am I going to Valencia. *flinches in anticipation of cyber-slaps she is going to get*

I'm probably going to Orlando, Florida, for a five-day Harry Potter conference.

That's right. You can laugh at me (not that I care), but on July 14-18, 2011 I'm probably going to be having a huge geek-out at LeakyCon 2011!!


In Argentina, instead of a Sweet 16, when you turn fifteen (the Mexicans call this quinceanera), you get the choice of (for economically well-off families) a huge party, DJ, fairy lights, streamers, cake, and all that crap, OR a trip to the US (generally), mostly to Orlando to go to DisneyWorld. Personally, as fun as Disney is, I'm more excited about the fact that in Universal Studios Orlando, in 2010, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will open  in the park's Islands of Adventure.

*cue uncharacteristic fangirl scream*

So, as my winter break falls right in July, right before my birthday, instead of going to hang with Mickey Mouse, I'm gonna go hang with Hogwarts, and Diagon Alley and Honeydukes and GAH.

The only thing that sucks about this? It's summer. In ORLANDO. Which means no scarves, no hats (hufflepuff or not), nor robes, because I will just die of heat, but whatever.

I'll probably be in Orlando a few days before the conference, depending on how long my winter break lasts.


usa and buys

got the new iPod. It pwns. 16GB green, by name of Sheldon. I'm having a blast here in the northern hemisphere with you all. I guess I'll have to link you guys soon enough.

your loving nerdfighter,





I'd just like to say "hi."