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I think my heart kind of stopped when HE GRABS HER HAND, AND OHMIGOD, LOOKS INTO HER EYES. "That's Annabeth...she will squash you like a bug." Well said, Grover. You have such eloquence with words.

"Who's next?" BEST LINE EVAAAAARRRRRR. Will proceed to rewatch about eight thousand times. I kinda had to catch my breath. Gah, I love fandom.
-is excited-
Oh, and this.
"STICK TO THE MICK JACKER THING!"  Oh, Grover. I love you so much. Turns out, apparently, I am a satyr. :P According to percyjacksonthemovie.com, at least. I took the quiz again for kicks and got Poseidon, so....yah.

So...go watch the movie. I know they've taken many, many liberties with the book, but it will be one heck of a movie, kk? If not for the main trio, than for the fantastic cast of adult actors. We have Rosario Dawson, Pierce Brosnan, Kevin McKidd, Uma Thurman...just watch the movie, okay?

Okay, I'm off. Second update in, like, a week. Be happy. I don't have a camera, so Shenanigans is off until I get one. Sorry :(. My webcam sucks, it has delayed reaction syndrome...

Off to find PJO icons. :)


love, maggie.