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tales of merry


And before you ask, yes, that's freaking Billy Shakes (at Madame Tussaud's).
There's a lot to be said for that picture too. :D

Speaking of HP-nessy things, who saw Half-Blood Prince? Sooo many epic things about that movie. :D

Hey - William - I never got to see Transformers 2 - let alone. When you come visit me, bring them - we'll go back to fourth grade when we played Bey Blades together. And I messed around with your fake bow and arrow and you goofed off with the lightsaber. Ah, good times.

Sooo sorry I broke my once-a-month streak. :(.

Stuff happened in July called Europe. Then school :(.
HB- June 30 - Shivvy. August 6 - AXE. August 16- MONKEY (AKA ME!). August 31- MIKE  (AKA ASHLEN!!)